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The Black Cat (God of Flash)

Shihouin Yoruichi

Shihouin Yoruichi
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Title : God of Flash/ Shyunpo
Age : Unknown, Over 300 years
Gender : Female (in cat form she has a male voice for some reason)
Location : Soul Society/ Earth/ Hiding out somewhere before episode 15
Mission : To train Chad & Inoue, To guide the Rescue Rukia party to Soul Society and help them once there.
Other : Shihouin Yoruichi was once the Tenshi Heisouban of the Shihouin House. Which means she was the House's princess. She was the 22nd person born to that position and the first female to ascend to the House's leadership. Yoruichi may be infact a shinigami but not in the sense that Ichigo or the others are. If she is, she doesn't use zanjutsu (sword art). She does however use the other 3 arts Hakuda (hand to hand), Hohou (movement), and Kidou (demon arts) extremely well.. So I can see if she doesn't find a need to carry around a sword. She is a very powerful fighter and trained hard with Urahara to get her skills to where they are now. It was said that Urahara and Yoruichi are close friends so it shown in the manga that the were younger training together so I can only assume that they grew up together as well. Yoruichi was the leader of the Onmitsu Kidou and Keigun which are the Spying Group and the Punishment Group. Their tasks were to carry out executions for Soul Society law breakers and scout spying hollows. She was leader up until the very day Urahara was to be executed/banished? but she helped him escape from Soul Society to hide. In the process she left behind her home and her job, her rank, her privledge to help a lifelong friend. We were reintroduced to her in Episode 15 of the anime with the arrival of Renji and Byakyua to retrieve Rukia. She trains Orihime and Chad and the Rescue Rukia group is currently in Soul Society administering a blow to Soul Society's Gotei 13. [taken from cat scratch fevah]

Shihouin Yoruichi is a character of the anime BLEACH - This journal is for the Soul Society RPG, I do not own the character


Yoruichi is puppy kitty love.